Huckleberry's Update

January 19, 2023


💜 Huckleberry’s Traveling Kitchen will be centrally located in Polk County NC, with set days open 7AM-2PM and getting back to our roots. We’re taking it back to where it all started 12 years ago with breakfast, lunch, Italian pastries and goodies! This will also serve as the pickup location for our new line of “Picnic Boxes To Go.”

💜 Gypsy Dining Company is bringing our kitchens to you!! Creating a personalized and memorable dining experience in unique, private, historic or hidden local locations. Check out the bookings tab soon, on our website for a handful of our upcoming experiences.

💜 The rest of the time you can click the Follow The Purple Chair tab on our website and see when and where Huckleberry’s Traveling Kitchen and Gypsy Dining Co. will be taking your ordinary trip to a brick-and-mortar and transforming it into a memorable dining experience in a unique and stunning setting. Where we hope that you forge new friendships, remember it fondly and invite others to join you the next time you return!

We are looking forward to sharing many unique dining experiences with you all in 2023.

Huckleberry's is pleased to announce that our owner and manager are both

Johnson & Wales University Alumni